These are the objectives of Depar Group and its mission since 1984. In more than 30 years background the Company’s activities are; developing capabilities and technologies which have made us well known in solar energy, hydroelectric and LED lighting in Turkey.
Having a team consisting of engineers, designers and installers, Depar design and install the most efficient components to give to each client the most appropriate solution to maximise the profit from solar and hydro energy, as well as efficient lighting means. 
Depar Solar is a well organised company in terms of project management and industrial solution making for energy needs of its clients. Always agile and flexible, responding to market needs and challenges, due to its strategic planning.
Each and every year millions of tons of carbonmonoxide and other dangerous gases are exhausted to the atmosphere on Earth. Providing efficient solutions by means of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroenergy to this increase of air and land pollution Depar Solar is working for a healthy and clean environment for a beter future to our children.

1984-  DEPAR Group has a proud 34-year history as an independent family owned company. In 1984 our first establishment was founded by mechanical engineer Mr. Ahmet MUHTAROGLU in Ankara / Turkey. After the foundation, the rise of Depar has started with Household Products manufacturing facilities and with in-house marketing team.
1991- The company became a limited liability and shown a fast and steady development performance during 90s and then extended its business activities into Construction, Contracting, Automotive Spare Parts and Energy sectors.
1993- Depar engaged in alternative energy systems and established autogas systems market in Turkey with government regulations, university academic structure and market adaptation for the systems that allow automobiles use LPG, being a forerunner in this area Depar has always been respected and continued to be known as innovative and creative.    
1995- Depar increases its activities in energy sector and focuses on Hydropower plant engineering and project management facilities.
2001- The Group expanded its activities by the foundation of Naturel Ltd, a company that focuses on food and drug and cosmetics sectors and established Turkey’s (and Middle East’s) first Ecocert certified organic cosmetics manufacturing facilities in Ankara. A food factory, Karsun Ltd., manufacturing Olive and Olive Oil products was also established in Mersin in the coming year. These factories were addresses to our commitment to high quality, health and environmental awareness as well as another proof to our groups innovative and premier style.
2004- During late 1990s and beginning of 2000s Mr. Ahmet Muhtaroglu’s sons, Omer Muhtaroglu and Yunus Emre Muhtaroglu expanded our business lines by focusing into Renewable Energy, Waterworks and Defence Industries.

2005- Depar Solar R&D activities on PV started in this year.
2007- Depar Solar, as part of Depar Group, became one of the first solar pv company establishments in Turkey focusing on innovative solar powered devices and systems.
2008- This is the year that Depar entered LED Lighting market as being one of the first companies among Turkey, Europe and MENA regions who set up its organization aware of the principles of ever-changing LED lighting and Solar Lighting markets.
2010- Depar pioneered the world changing development of solar lighting and LED, and are now leading the way in solar lighting systems systems worldwide. We are lighting the World from highways to faraway places with solar lighting towers and poles; from the city center to the most deserted environment and from public systems to the most complex hospital & military equipment. 
2011- Our deep understanding of how solar lighting positively affects people, enables us to deliver innovations that unlock new business value to our customers. We offer rich solar power experiences that make people feel safe, comfortable, focused, energized and entertained. Depar started to supply as vendors of UN, UNHCR, Turkish Military Forces, Nigerian State Forces, Turkish State Waterworks, Turkish State Railway and so on.
2012- As Depar Solar, we are leading the ongoing development of connected solar systems and services. By leveraging the Internet of Things, we are transforming rural places, military forces, field troops of all kinds, urban places and homes into energy independent places with our solar power experience. To increase energy efficiency, and manage working environments in a more environmentally friendly way. To make cities safer and more responsive. To help our healing and improve our well-being. And to create experiences in field like never before.
2013- Tekguc Energy Systems A.S. founded as part of the group to focus on engineering and manufactory of energy storage and battery bank systems for medium and large scale power plants.  The Group remained family owned and managed, it’s near to third generation and this continuity of ownership has promoted a stability, familiarity and a business culture that reflects a professional corporate culture but stays warm to its customers and suppliers. Many of our relationships date back over decades, and are built on mutual respect and above all else, trust.
2014- “SOLi- Solar Lithium Lighting Concept” was introduced for the first time by Depar Solar with its new and unique lithium supported storage and solar lighting capabilities. Solar Lights that we are manufacturing has become one of the most well-known and high quality reputable brand names which are “Depar”,“ Depar Solar” and “SOLi – Solar Lithium Lighting concept”.
2014- Depar Solar Nigeria facilities established to support field work all around West Africa covering 15 ECOWAS countries. A Nigerian technical support team was established to back up our projects and aftersales services in Lagos / Nigeria. In this same year, Depar solar established a lighting division that particularly focus on Optic Lense and with the help of new investments in optical focus lenses a new perspective to lighting had been realized by our people. Special optical lenses for roads, area lighting, stadium lighting, field lighting, building and bridge lighting is now among the capabilities of our Optic design team.
2015- Depar Solar started its design and manufacturing establishment to design and manufacture deployable solar power equipment consisting of various deployable solar powered hospitals, solar power backup units, solar trailer units for water filtration and treatment, solar light tower units and various rapid deployable solar systems to be used in Sub-Saharan Africa and rural environments. UN / UNHCR, Kuwait Oil Company, Egyptian Construction Co, IC Holding and much more serious entities enlisted Depar Solar lighting systems as reliable and preferable vendor products.
2016- Depar Solar increased its production of solar power lighting units to serve increasing demand and establishes Depar Energie Gmbh in Munich Germany to increase its organisational capabilities among EU countries and Northern Africa. Constant Improvement and Innovation; That’s how we are taking solar electric & lighting beyond illumination, and help improve the way the world works and people live. 
DEPAR GROUP, offer great deals and competitive services in Turkey and various markets around the world, Lovally in Middle EAST, West Africa and North Africa. Always follow a standard of excellence and keeping prices affordable with economies of scale. We specialize particularly in Solar Electric, Renewable Energy and Solar Lighting. From the initial planning to production or actual commitment to on-site installation & aftersales service including O&M to your assets, you will receive professional assistance from DEPAR and our group companies.

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