Suntech Power Pluto Cell; Next Generation Solar



Pluto Cell Technology: The Next Generation of Solar

After six years of intensive R&D, the world record holding PERL solar cell design from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has been successfully commercialized to Suntech’s production lines as Pluto™ solar cells. Well exceeding efficiencies achieved by conventional screen-printing processes, Pluto technology has been independently verified to reach efficiencies of greater than 19% in mass production.

Pluto cells feature a unique texturing process that improves sunlight absorption, even in conditions of low and indirect light. Our innovative Pluto cell design and ultra-fine top contact gridlines combine to boost power output, delivering a 10-15% performance advantage using the same materials, wafers, and module line equipment as a standard cell.


"The successful production of Pluto solar cells and panels is the result of years of world-class research and development and is a milestone achievement for Suntech. This breakthrough technology is integral to Suntech’s strategy to drive towards grid parity and widespread global adoption of solar energy solutions. For customers, Pluto means greater efficiency and power output, equating to better utilization of space and lower installation costs." Dr. Zhengrong Shi, CEO



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