System Technology Development for Systems Integration

System Technology Development for Systems Integration

The Systems Integration subprogram has R&D activities that emphasize improving controllers, inverters, and other interconnection mechanisms for solar technologies. These mechanisms integrate with building energy management, loads, energy storage, and advanced communication controls. This solar R&D concentrates on advanced inverter and balance-of-systems functionality to improve integration to the electric grid.

Additional efforts focus on reducing the cost and enhancing the reliability of the power electronics equipment in solar systems, such as inverters.

Addressing advanced solar energy storage is another priority of the Systems Integration subprogram. These activities assess how energy storage systems can be integrated with solar technologies to address variability, reliability, load shifting, system optimization functions, and increasing the economic competitiveness of distributed solar energy.

The Systems Integration subprogram activities on system technology development are implemented through the following effort:

  • National Laboratory Support — The R&D at the national laboratories develop and test inverters, controllers, balance of systems, and energy management systems.

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